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EVSE Charger Installation and Service

Whether you own a Tesla Model 3, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, BMW i3…or any other electric vehicle, Kelly Electrical Contractors, Inc. is your go-to electric vehicle charging installation electrician. We are based in West Deptford, NJ, and serve the following counties as well: Gloucester, Camden, and Burlington

EVSE Charger Installation and Service
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Electric Vehicle Charging Installation: What’s Involved?

It’s not as easy as plugging your car into a regular old outlet to juice it up. Sure, that EV you just bought came with a cord so you can plug it into a 120V outlet, but it takes FOREVER to charge your vehicle this way. Our trained electricians can help you install EV charging stations that allow you to fully charge your electric vehicle up to three to five times faster than what your EV comes with. Here’s a little breakdown of the different charger levels for EVs:

Charger Levels For Electric Vehicles

Level 1 EV Charger
Level 2 EV Charger
Level 3 EV Charger
Charger Levels For Electric Vehicles

Installation Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Installation done by a trained electrician for your basic level 2 home EV charger will vary, depending on the setup of your home. A trained electrician like one from Kelly Electrical Contractors, Inc. will do a walk-through of the project, and will explain in detail what all will need to be done for the installation before they start. This is one example of what we have done in the past for our customers:

Hire Kelly Electrical Contractors, Inc. For Home Electric Vehicle Charging Installation Anything and everything electrical should be handled by a professional. That said, a trained electrician should install your home EV charging station to ensure safety and compliance with NEC standards. At Kelly Electrical Contractors, Inc. , we know that everyone’s set up can be different. We walkthrough each project with that in mind, and give you the most accurate, affordable option available for precise installation.

Save time and upgrade your EV charging station for a faster charge and convenience. Call Kelly Electrical Contractors, Inc. for professional home electric vehicle charging installation, and quality care."

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Our installation certifications include the automakers below but are not limited to these brands.

Tesla Certified Installer

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