Electrical Contractor New for South Jersey ResidentsWelcome to our News Page where we offer seasonal tips on electrical innovations for both homes and businesses. Old Man Winter was tough this year in South Jersey but Spring is on its way and will be here before we know it!

Modular homes are on the rise, especially in Camden, Salem and Gloucester County as well as Long Beach Island. In this issue learn all about modular home wiring as well as other hand-picked electrical hot topics just for South Jersey residents.

Spring Is Time for Home Improvements!

As soon as the ice thaws homeowners start thinking about all sorts of ways to improve their homes. With these ideas also comes important questions. For example, how do you know if your electrical panel is outdated and if so, what should you do? This is the season to start thinking about buying new appliances and with that purchase should you buy the extended warranty or skip it?

Home Improvement Tips for South JerseyOther home improvement projects on the minds of our customers include attic and ceiling fans and installing new electrical outlets. Another hot trend is U-sockets that come with a built-in USB port. Perhaps it's time for multimedia wiring or changing out your thermostat for a modern, programmable model?

Before you start any home improvements, you should check out our electrical safety checklist! Above all, don't attempt DIY electrical projects if you aren't familiar with electricity and call us for a free estimate that is all inclusive!

Do browse through our blog, especially to find out what sort of home improvements require a permit.


Electrical product reviewsBefore you head out to those home improvement stores this Spring, we also have some reviews and tips on some popular products such as surge protectors. From whole house protectors to the basic models, find out which ones we recommend.

This year is all about new light bulb standards. What should you look for when buying new bulbs and how long with those old bulbs be available in store? How much money will you save in the long run? Learn why now is the time to reduce your carbon footprint!

Finally, if you're considering new wiring, what's better copper or aluminum? We judge both to help you make the best decision for your South Jersey home.

Also, find out if lighting with kerosene is safe or if you should stick with electricity. There are some kerosene bulbs on the market today, but are they safe?

Take the time to read these reviews and you'll be able to make an educated choice on what products to buy. Being armed with the best reviews before you shop is a must-do!

Home Warranties and Electrical Inspections

South Jersey Home Warranties and InspectionsLast but not least, our technicians are questioned quite a bit on whether a home warranty is a good idea. What will it cover and are they worth the money? Learn the ins and outs of home warranties for your home before you purchase one.

In addition, at Kelly Electrical we do recommend an electrical home inspection before you begin any project. Even if you don't hire us as your South Jersey electrical contractor, learn why we think these inspections are essential!

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In our next quarterly edition, we'll be well into summer and with summer you should start thinking about winterizing your home. We'll also discuss the benefits of backup and portable generators. Kelly Electrical is your authorized Generac generator dealer in South Jersey so we'll have plenty of tips!

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