Electrical Contractor New for South Jersey ResidentsWelcome to our News Page where we offer seasonal tips on electrical innovations for both homes and businesses. Old Man Winter was tough this year in South Jersey but Spring is on its way and will be here before we know it!

Modular homes are on the rise, especially in Camden, Salem and Gloucester County as well as Long Beach Island. In this issue learn all about modular home wiring as well as other hand-picked electrical hot topics just for South Jersey residents.

Fall and Winter Energy Saving Tips

The strategies below will help you save energy, save money, and stay comfortable during the cool fall and cold winter months. Some of the tips below are free and can be used on a daily basis to increase your savings; others are simple and inexpensive actions you can take to ensure maximum savings through the winter.

With energy companies increasing their prices to around 10%, it’s time to think of ways in which you could make your money last longer.

Here at Kelly Electrical, we want to give you a few tips in order to help you this fall and winter;

  1. Talk to your energy supplier and see if there is another deal/promotion you could be on, or even considering swapping suppliers to help you save up to $400.00
  2. Consider getting a home energy check, and seeing if there is any way in which you might be able to save over $300.00
  3. Make sure when using the washing machine you use full loads and use 30° cycles.
  4. When using the Kettle only use as much water as you need.
  5. Use Energy-saving bulbs, as they last up to 10 x longer and can save you around $50 over the lifetime of the bulb.
  6. Did you know even turning down your thermostat by a few degrees could help you save money on bills by 10%.
  7. Ensuring all hot taps are off will help make a difference, for example a dripping hot top could be more expensive than running one hot bath.
  8. Make your home more insulated by covering up gaps around windows/doors etc.
  9. Finally making sure that power is turned off when not needed, such as making sure you don’t leave lights on, switching off appliances from the plugs and disconnecting cell phones when they are fully charged.

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